Effective December 31, 2020, I will be retiring as Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC).  During the 35 years that I have served in Barbados’ national investment and trade promotion organisations, I have seen our island’s fortunes tested by crises and uncertainties but always the grit, and tenacity of Barbados’ businesses have won the day! You have been a part of that journey which has taken us from seasons of uncertainty to better times and I do believe our best times are ahead of us.

During the six years that I have led the BIDC, I have sought to employ an inclusive and collaborative approach to managing the operations of the corporation, whilst engaging the interest and cooperation of you – our valued clients and stakeholders. I have had the pleasure and privilege of leading a team of highly talented and committed persons in delivering a suite of transformative initiatives which will continue to enhance the BIDC’s business development and export promotion efforts.

Those that I am especially pleased to have guided through the process of development and implementation include the Shared Use facility that will augur well for the fortunes of the Food and Beverage sector,  the Accelerate 20/20 programme aimed at significantly boosting exports and saving foreign exchange, the implementation of a continuous improvement plan to ensure BIDC continues to operate as a high performing organisation, consistently delivering on our mandate to provide effective solutions for all our clients.

As I said in my remarks at our Innovate Barbados Conference in 2018, we have, in the form of our Innovate Barbados campaign, a platform designed to unleash the power of three great forces: the ingenuity of the mind, the audacious capacity of today’s technology and the indomitable strength of people united for a common cause. I know that even as I leave this arena of business development and export promotion, the projects and programmes of the BIDC will continue to deliver the critical support local businesses need at this time. Our common cause is building back our businesses to be better, stronger and more resilient than they have ever been.    

I therefore wish to thank you for your support, cooperation and encouragement during the years. I am thankful to God for bringing me to this stage in my life; I am grateful for His guidance, leadership and wisdom among other blessings. I am also thankful for the opportunities the BIDC and its predecessor agency the Barbados Export Promotion Corporation (BEPC) have afforded me, and the growth I have experienced in my professional and personal life.

I wish you all the very best for the future. May God continue to bless you, to give you the wisdom and fortitude you need at this time and may you enjoy extroadinary success in the months and years ahead.

Thank you

Sonja S Trotman

Monday, September 21, 2020