Claytons Kola Tonic Refreshed!

Claytons rebranding launch

Armstrong Manufacturing has unveiled a new look for its signature drink Clayton’s Kola Tonic.

The new label, coming after months of work with Brand 42, the company contracted for the In-Firm Design and Branding Project coordinated by the Caribbean Export Development Agency, was revealed in a press briefing at the company’s Lower Estate office.

BIDC CEO, Ms. Sonja Trotman, among the specially invited guests congratulating the company, said “Armstrong Manufacturing is one of the more agile companies among our export clientele and we certainly commend its willingness to pursue the strategies necessary to conquer new frontiers. We are certainly proud of this company’s performance and based on their certified exports to date we are encouraged to see them exporting this year significantly more than they did for the past three years.”

She counted Armstrong Manufacturing among those real-life examples of local businesses which have successfully adapted their product packaging to achieve greater international sales. “This is a company we would want others to emulate,” she said.

Acknowledging that there are several considerations which have to be taken into account by companies looking to break into the international market, the CEO especially urged food producers “to become familiar and compliant with global labeling requirements in order to secure and increase access to international markets."

 In 2014, Armstrong Manufacturing Ltd. was awarded a grant from Caribbean Export, funded by the European Union (EU) under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), to facilitate the re-design of the Claytons Kola Tonic brand with assistance from award-winning European based agency Brand42, in order to boost its appeal to European consumers.

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