Plans to get visitors into Pelican Village

Government wants to make Pelican Village more attractive to cruise ship visitors.

During a media briefing at the Small Business Development Centre, Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Patrick Todd, said he was concerned that cruise ship visitors were bypassing the cluster of shops that showcased local handicraft.

Todd admitted that “there have been some difficulties in providing the environment in which craft persons are able to increase their clientele.”

He added: “this craft sector is very important and we (government) are looking at collaborating with the BTA or the NCF to ensure that the intrinsic cultural heritage is captured in terms of artistic performances and entertainment that would really make Bridgetown and this area (Pelican Village) come alive so that the craftsmen and women can be seen engaging in their craft on the spot.”

Noting that Government was seeking to encourage cruise ships to overnight in Barbados, Todd said that with the assistance of the private sector, the development of Pelican Village would enhance the business aspects of the area so that micro enterprises would get a bite of the “national economic cherry”.

(Source: Daily Nation – 03 June 2010)

Monday, June 14, 2010