Training In Food Safety Preventative Controls

Twenty corporate clients of the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC) are being trained in food safety preventative controls for human food.


Mrs. Pamela Whitehall and Dr. Kelly Brathwaite, who are certified as Trainers by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA), have been collaborating with the BIDC to conduct two courses for twenty (20) clients of the BIDC (10 per session). The first session for 10 participants was held March 13-16, 2017 and it is anticipated that another 10 persons will be trained April 10-13, 2017.

On successful completion, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Training which will be issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Additionally, they will receive the official FSPCA PCQI certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). These certificates can be used as evidence that they have satisfied the training requirement referred to earlier.


In January 2011 the United States of America (USA) enacted The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) 2011. This legislation aims to ensure that the US food supply is safe and in so doing, it seeks to prevent any possible contamination thereof.


With prevention being the cornerstone on which this legislation is built, all food manufacturers exporting to the USA, will be required to have a trained resource person, known as a “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” (PCQI), who can oversee the implementation of the facility’s food safety plan.


The PCQI will be required to undergo training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls. The FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Course is the standardized curriculum recognized by the FDA and successful completion of this course is one way to become a PCQI.


In Barbados the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) has been spearheading the efforts to have a cadre of industry personnel trained. To date they have trained seven person as PCQI Trainers. These trainers will be tasked with the responsibility of providing training for manufacturing entities throughout the island. 

Friday, April 21, 2017