Barbados Bu’n Bu’n’s the Best!

Barbados Bu'n Bu'n

Barbados Bu'n Bu'n was judged with over 2 600 similar publications from 205 countries and at the end of it, stole the show with four Gourmand International awards for Historical Recipes, Design, Cookbook of the Year and Best Self Published Book. This propelled it into selections for the Best in the World Award, hosted as part of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015. Having been selected as the winner from Barbados, Parkinson’s work competed against others in the same category from Canada, Denmark, Gibraltar and the USA for the coveted Best in the World title.

Parkinson expects Barbados Bu’n Bu’n will increase the demand for ‘locally-grown’ foods, including processed items, in the local and international markets and is pushing too for a revival of the back-yard garden hoping the book will inspire healthy eating, wellness, eco-sustainability and organics. The BIDC is working with this author in marketing the Culinary Travel Series as part of its thrust to develop the new product and service niches in the Creative Industries.

Barbados Bu’n Bu’n is currently being retailed locally at the Gallery at Artsplash, Hastings; Cloister Bookstore (Sheraton, the Dome, Warrens & Bridgetown); The Chattel House in Sky Mall; Barbados Golf Club Pro Shop, Durants; Walker's World, Dover; George Washington House Restaurant, The Garrison; Seasplash Farmers Market, Hastings; Holders Farmers' Market at Holders; Greenwich Farms & Antiques, St. James; Sandy Lane Pro Golf Shop, St. James); Relish, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre and the University Bookshop, UWI Cave Hill.

Signed copies are also available for local and international purchase directly from the author.

It’s simply the best! No further explanation needed.

And this was confirmed at the conclusion of the Gourmand World Awards event when Barbados Bu'n-Bu'n took the title of the Best Self-published Book in the World!

Author Rosemary Parkinson shared the news of this triumph on Tuesday June 9, 2015 where winners were announced in Yantai, China.

Barbados Bu’n Bu’n is more than a book. It is two volumes of history, culture and cuisine packaged in a tome of vibrant photography, enthralling stories and tantalizing recipes that reflect all things Barbadian.

And who is Rosemary Parkinson?

She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Rosemary Parkinson has delved into more businesses than she cares to remember ‒ from executive bilingual secretary to waitress to fashion buyer and designer, graphic artist, visual artist, photographer and now author. Her nomadic life has seen her living in England, Germany, Canada, Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados. She is also an artist, having exhibited in the Caribbean and Europe but has devoted her life to writing, lecturing and consulting on anything to do with the importance of Caribbean food.

Her latest work, Barbados Bu’n Bu’n, the third in the Culinary Travel Series by Parkinson, is hailed as a national treasure and is searing its way into the hearts of many across the globe.

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