Pelican Craft Centre Mural Competition - Updated

Pelican Craft Centre Mural Competition - Updated
Topics Examples of Stimuli to Explore
Amerindian Heritage The Arawaks / Ancient artefacts
Coastal Flora & Fauna Indigenous life of the beaches & sea
Nautical Barbados A fisherman’s life / The old careenage
Our Cultural Icons National symbols / Historic characters
The Lost Artisans Historic Barbadian craftsmen & crafts




  1. Each entry must be submitted by a group of no less than 3 persons.
  2. Participants must be students or emerging artists, 16-35 years old.
  3. Each group should submit content for each of the 5 abovementioned topics.
  4. Each mural design should be to scale, no smaller than a ratio of 1:10.
  5. Each submission must include illustrations indicating the placement -     


    The chosen walls and dimensions are as follows    
    Wall 1 - Variety Shop (West Elevation) 12' 6" x 22'
    Wall 2 - Kiln Building (West Elevation) 10' 6" x 26’
    Wall 3 - Pump House (North Elevation) 11' x 16’
    Wall 4 - Pump House (West Elevation) 11’ x 43' 6"’
    Wall 5 - Building 3 (North Elevation)    22’ 3" x 36’ 3"
  6. Digital submissions must be at a resolution of 300DPI, in PDF format.
  7. Each piece of artwork must have titles and brief descriptions (30 words max. each)
  8.  The walls will be prepared and paints will be provided.
  9. All submissions should be accompanied by 
    • an Installation proposal, including materials and resources the artists would use.
    • The names and ages of all contributing artists
    • Contact information – email and phone
    • Institution (where applicable)



Artwork will be scored according to the following design standards:

  1.  Composition (scale, balance and proportion)
  2. Colour (use of and compatibility with surroundings)
  3. Imagery (cultural relevance)
  4. Originality (interpretation of topics)
  5. Relevance to the overarching theme




Winners will be given full credit, publicity and a cash prizes.

Winning prize:  $6,000




Deliver entries to the BIDC by 4:00 p.m., October 2nd, 2015.

The judges’ decisions are final.

In a drive to enhance the cultural significance of the Pelican Craft Centre, the BIDC is seeking to capture The Story of Pelican in five topical murals. We are therefore inviting Barbadian artists to submit entries that depict historical and cultural aspects of the Craft Centre’s story as listed below:

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